My Treatment Approach

jeri innis practicing bodymind therapy

My treatment approach is a synthesis and interweaving of psychotherapy and physical therapy that can help people find healing from trauma and the physical manifestations of emotional and physical pain. 

I provide an integrative and individualized treatment approach for individuals suffering with chronic physical conditions and health crises, such as traumatic injuries from accidents of all kinds, trauma related to medical interventions and surgeries, chronic headaches, panic attacks, vestibular dysregulation, traumatic brain injuries, and the grief, loss, and emotional and mental distress associated with all of these physical conditions. 

My therapeutic orientation is grounded in somatic psychology, mindfulness, and meditative practices. I incorporate physical relaxation techniques geared towards nervous system regulation, such as breath work, progressive relaxation, guided visualization, and cognitive reframing of negative thought patterns. I also incorporate therapeutic touch, energy work, mindful movement work, traditional manual physical therapy skills, strengthening exercises, and balance and equilibrium practices.      

Somatic psychotherapy is a body-mind approach that integrates the experiential levels of thought, emotions, and body-felt senses with the intention to promote health, wellbeing, and personal transformation through embodied wholeness. During our work together, we will pay close attention to your physical sensations and responses, while moving simultaneously between associated thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body-felt sensations. I integrate “top-down” therapeutic approaches of cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy with the “bottom-up” somatic therapeutic approaches of processing body sensations, arousal, movement, and emotions with the intention of embodied integration.

I hold the fundamental belief that the body has its own innate wisdom and knowledge of how to heal when given the right support, guidance, environment, and situation. Together we can find your path to health and inner wellness.

If you are ready to discover profound healing, I invite you to call me at 925-330-9608 for free 30-minute consultation. You can ask me any questions you may have about my treatment approach and my practice.