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Integrating psychotherapy and physical therapy in the treatment of trauma

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Have you experienced a trauma recently or suffered abuse or neglect in the past? Are you worried that you will never fully recover from the mental, emotional, and physical pain...    Read More >

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Sexual Trauma Therapy

Have you had a sexual experience that was traumatic, or a history of early childhood trauma that has a grip on you, limiting the joy and love you want in your life?                      Read More > 

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Do you feel overwhelmed by distressing memories, thoughts, and feelings about a traumatic event that occurred recently or long ago? Have you ever wondered if you have PTSD?                  Read More >

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Does your life feel clouded over and heavy with grief? Are you suffering from a chronic physical, mental, or emotional condition that leaves you struggling with a persistent sense of loss?       Read More >

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Chronic Pain ManagemenT

Are you or someone you know struggling to recover after a car crash, recreational injury, illness, or the onset of chronic neck or back pain, and just know that there must be a better answer?     Read More >

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Chronic Stress Management

Is seemingly unending stress making you feel irritable, agitated, and unable to focus on the present? Are you noticing symptoms of stress showing up as physical aches...                 Read More >

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Physical Therapy Consultation

Are you a physical therapist who frequently sees patients with complex chronic conditions, including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, IBS, chronic vestibular dysregulation...   Read More >

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Jeri Innis' Therapy Approach

My treatment approach is a synthesis and interweaving of psychotherapy and physical therapy that can help people find healing from trauma and the physical manifestations of emotional...        Read More > 

Jeri Innis, MA, LPC, PT is a Colorado state Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC.0014084), a Licensed Physical Therapist (PTL.0001111), has a certificate as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and is a Level 3 certified Brainspotting Practitioner. She is a member of American Counseling Association (ACA), Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SE), and Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute. She specializes in PTSD, sexual trauma, pain syndromes, post concussive disorders, and chronic illness. Learn more about Jeri here.